Brother Terry

A short character study of a street preacher named Brother Terry, whose Christian awakening was motivated by a retaliation against the philosophy of Nietzsche.

HOURGLASS pt. 1: Mansions in the Desert

2007. In a future where memories can be recorded, shared and re-experienced, the identities of two young men are entangled by a sophisticated virus. 26:00, 16mm color, HD, computer animation. Funded by a research grant from the National Science Foundation.

The Architect

A short film about the creative process of an architect. I play the architect, which required some creative movement when it came to being on both sides of the camera simultaneously.

I Am A Strange Loop

When I applied to work at Apple they asked me to introduce myself with a short video. My dad and I threw this together in an afternoon.

like a blade runner

My father sees Shanghai for the first time.  

White Balance

A short film about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the head of the Manhattan Project. It's rather metaphysical.

It was shot in 2006 at Fort Knox, near Searsport, Maine. The footage of the ocean is from Bailey Island, ME. I used an Arriflex S (Tri-X reversal pushed 1.5 stops, Ektachrome 100D), a Marantz tape recorder (mono), a Shure SM-58 Uni w/ a parabolic reflector, and an Olympus Pearcorder. The telecine was pretty bootleg.

/root - remastered

One of my early short 16mm films.